The fisherman caught the rarest blue lobster and decided to release it

Blue lobster

The fisherman was checking the cages on Thursday September 2 when he noticed an unusual crustacean. The man said that he had been fishing in the Aberdeen area for more than 30 years, but this was the first time he came across such an amazing animal.

A regular one and a half kilogram lobster costs about £ 25 ($ 35), but blue lobster will cost much more – the chance of catching a blue lobster is estimated at about one in two million.

Nevertheless, the man is not going to sell the caught lobster. “It’s not about the money. He must live. I will call the local oceanarium, and if they don’t take it, I’ll just let it out into the waters, ”the fisherman shared his plans.

Blue lobsters are the result of a genetic mutation – in such individuals, the protein responsible for the blue color is produced in excessive quantities. Fishermen regard blue lobsters as a good omen and do not usually eat them.