Facts About Graceful Gibbons

Gibbons Primate

The gibbon family unites highly developed primates, which are characterized by rather large sizes, lack of a tail and long forelimbs. Their brains are quite complex. They also have a process of the caecum. 1. Most gibbon subspecies only eat fruits. 2. Gibbons have strong, hook-shaped arms that they use to grip, unusually large arms, […]

Сhimpanzee smart ape

Сhimpanzee Appearance

Chimpanzees are a great ape, a genus of primates. Translated from one of the languages of African tribes, it means “like a human.” The similarity with people is limited not only by external characteristics, behavioral features, but also by genes: our DNA coincides by more than 90%. Scientists have proven that the evolutionary paths of […]