Fearless Wolverine facts

Wolverine is a weasel predator. One of the largest in the family, along with the badger, sea otter and otter. In appearance, the wolverine is very similar to the brown bear, only of a smaller size. Wolverine is so brave that it attacks even an exhausted elk or reindeer, which are several times larger. Appearance […]

Florida Panthers conservation

Recently, the population of the Florida panther has declined so much that it has become apparent that the program for its conservation has begun to be implemented with a delay. Therefore, in order to save this subspecies from extinction, you will have to make a lot of efforts. In 1970, the US government banned tourists […]

African Gray Parrot

gray parrot

The gray parrot is the smartest parrot known. This parrot with a nondescript gray appearance is able to memorize and clearly reproduce not only individual words, but also entire sentences. Because of its conversational qualities, the gray parrot in its homeland in Africa has become the subject of illegal mass capture for the purpose of […]

Meerkat facts

one meerkat

The meerkat (Suricata suricatta) is a small predatory animal from the mongoose family that lives in the savannas and deserts of southern and central Africa. Due to the habit of meerkats to stand upright on their hind legs, their tousled fur, translucent by the sun, creates a kind of a halo iridescent in the sunlight […]

Red junglefowl

Red junglefowl

Habitat: Southeast Asia; acclimatized to about. Sulawesi and Lesser Sunda Islands Area: forests, shrubs, cultivated fields. Sizes: 15-28 in (43-76 cm) including tail. Order: Chicken (Galliformes) The ancestor of all breeds of domestic chickens, the red junglefowl is very elegant. Males have especially bright plumage. Females are much smaller than roosters and are colored brown […]

Anteater facts

The most extraordinary among the representatives of the fauna is the anteater. It can be called a favorite of Americans, due to the fact that this exotic is bred at home. The population does not differ in the diversity of species. There are only three species of anteaters: gigantic, tamandua and pygmy anteater, all of […]

Seahorse facts

The seahorse is a well-known inhabitant of the water depths. It is remembered for its unusual body shape, which makes one wonder: is the seahorse a fish or an animal? Research has shown that the seahorse is a highly modified needlefish. Like needle fish, seahorses have an elongated body shape, a peculiar structure of the […]

Common bottlenose dolphin

A graceful body, a smiling face, immense curiosity for a person and a cheerful disposition – all these are bottlenose dolphins. Or simply Dolphins, as many are accustomed to call this intelligent mammal.There are dolphinariums in many coastal cities, where everyone can make their dream to swim with dolphins come true at an affordable price. […]

Сhimpanzee smart ape

Сhimpanzee Appearance

Chimpanzees are a great ape, a genus of primates. Translated from one of the languages of African tribes, it means “like a human.” The similarity with people is limited not only by external characteristics, behavioral features, but also by genes: our DNA coincides by more than 90%. Scientists have proven that the evolutionary paths of […]