Giant Sea Creatures

huge squid

The deepest and coldest regions of the oceans are inhabited by giant creatures. There you can meet huge squids, sea spiders, worms and other species. The length of the giant squid, for example, is 14 times the length of its ordinary counterpart. The Pacific Ocean is also home to a sea sponge that is barely smaller than a minivan.

According to scientists, the phenomenon of gigantism among marine creatures is caused by the peculiarities of the food supply.

Expert Alicia Bitondo said that at great depths there is not much food, and in such a situation, large size gives an advantage in hunting, because it allows you to move faster and farther in search of food. Also, giants are distinguished by a more efficient metabolism: they retain the energy received from food longer. It is the cold of the depths that contributes to a slow metabolism.

Greenland sharks grow for a long time and reach more than 23 feet (7 meters) and weigh up to one and a half tons. And puberty in these creatures occurs only at the age of 150. However, there are giants in shallow waters. So, a giant slug, sponge, sea spider, worms live in the Antarctic waters. The depth of their activity is just over 30 feet (9 meters).

According to ecophysiologist Art Woods, perhaps their ability to live near the surface is due to the peculiarities of the supply of oxygen to the cold water surrounding the continent.