Jerboas 50 essential facts

Desert jerboa

Jerboas are mammals that belong to the order of rodents, like mice or hares. They live in almost all latitudes, both in the steppes and in the arctic latitudes, and are often found in the desert.Jerboas are the only rodents that move only with their hind limbs. While running and walking, they are simultaneously repelled […]

Spotted Hyenas – Predators Facts


Hyenas live throughout Africa, the Middle East and India. Although hyenas are known as scavengers, their species is one of the most skillful and accomplished carnivores. Spotted hyenas are the largest and most common in Africa. Their habitat is very diverse – deserts, shrubs, forests throughout sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of the extreme south […]

Common otter facts

european otter

The otter is a semi-aquatic predatory mammal from the Mustelidae family that has several varieties. Otters are a widespread species – the common otter that lives throughout Eurasia. Other otter species live in Africa, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. Otters are unique, cute and playful creatures with the characteristic appearance of animals that spend a […]

Giant panda – bamboo bear

Giant panda

The giant panda is a unique animal also called the bamboo bear. Today there is a possibility of complete extinction of this species of animals from the face of the earth, in connection with which they are included in the international list of rare animals. Bamboo bears are a symbol and national treasure of the […]

Fearless Wolverine facts

Wolverine is a weasel predator. One of the largest in the family, along with the badger, sea otter and otter. In appearance, the wolverine is very similar to the brown bear, only of a smaller size. Wolverine is so brave that it attacks even an exhausted elk or reindeer, which are several times larger. Appearance […]

Florida Panthers conservation

Recently, the population of the Florida panther has declined so much that it has become apparent that the program for its conservation has begun to be implemented with a delay. Therefore, in order to save this subspecies from extinction, you will have to make a lot of efforts. In 1970, the US government banned tourists […]

Meerkat facts

one meerkat

The meerkat (Suricata suricatta) is a small predatory animal from the mongoose family that lives in the savannas and deserts of southern and central Africa. Due to the habit of meerkats to stand upright on their hind legs, their tousled fur, translucent by the sun, creates a kind of a halo iridescent in the sunlight […]

Anteater facts

The most extraordinary among the representatives of the fauna is the anteater. It can be called a favorite of Americans, due to the fact that this exotic is bred at home. The population does not differ in the diversity of species. There are only three species of anteaters: gigantic, tamandua and pygmy anteater, all of […]

–°himpanzee smart monkey

–°himpanzee Appearance

Chimpanzees are a great ape, a genus of primates. Translated from one of the languages of African tribes, it means “like a human.” The similarity with people is limited not only by external characteristics, behavioral features, but also by genes: our DNA coincides by more than 90%. Scientists have proven that the evolutionary paths of […]

Interesting skunks facts

Skunk is a mammal of the order of predators and the family Mephitidae. Skunk is associated with a fetid odor that the animal secretes with the help of special preanal glands when it feels threatened. Skunk is distinguished by a rather bright and at the same time strict black and white color. This contrasting color […]