Blue Whale Facts

Blue Whale

The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet. Since the blue whale breathes with lungs and feeds its children with milk, it is a mammal, not a fish. There are only three species – pygmy, northern and southern blue whales, which differ slightly from each other. The blue whale, like all mammals, breathes […]

Giant Sea Creatures

huge squid

The deepest and coldest regions of the oceans are inhabited by giant creatures. There you can meet huge squids, sea spiders, worms and other species. The length of the giant squid, for example, is 14 times the length of its ordinary counterpart. The Pacific Ocean is also home to a sea sponge that is barely […]

Lobster Facts

sea lobster

Lobsters are marine animals of the decapod crustacean order. This is a valuable commercial species, the meat of which at all times was considered a true delicacy. In fact, the lobster is a marine crayfish, which differs from the latter in its huge pincer limbs and large size. 1. American lobsters are most abundant in […]

Squid facts


Squids are cephalopods belonging to the order Teuthoidea. They live in both coastal and oceanic waters. They can be found in all climatic zones. Outwardly, they look like aliens who have taken over our oceans. Some of them are well known and widely eaten by humans, while others have not been studied at all. There […]

Electric rays – Interesting facts

Lesser electric ray

The electric ray is fairly easy to distinguish from other underwater animals. Outwardly, these fish look like a disc, reaching 3 feet (50 cm to 1 meter) in diameter with a slight elongation in the form of a movable tail, decorated with a fin. On the sides of their rounded body are paired organs that […]

Sea jellyfish facts


Jellyfish are considered one of the most ancient creatures that have ever lived on the planet. They lived on Earth long before the advent of dinosaurs. Some species are completely harmless, while others can kill with one touch. According to research, the life of the first jellyfish originated on the planet more than 650 million […]

Seahorse facts

The seahorse is a well-known inhabitant of the water depths. It is remembered for its unusual body shape, which makes one wonder: is the seahorse a fish or an animal? Research has shown that the seahorse is a highly modified needlefish. Like needle fish, seahorses have an elongated body shape, a peculiar structure of the […]

Common bottlenose dolphin

A graceful body, a smiling face, immense curiosity for a person and a cheerful disposition – all these are bottlenose dolphins. Or simply Dolphins, as many are accustomed to call this intelligent mammal.There are dolphinariums in many coastal cities, where everyone can make their dream to swim with dolphins come true at an affordable price. […]


Seals are a multispecies family of semi-aquatic predatory mammals. These animals can range in size from 1.17 m (3.8 ft) in length and 45 kg (99 lb) in weight in the ringed seal to 4.9 m (16 ft) and 2400 kg (5300 lb) in the southern elephant seal. All species of seals are characterized by […]