Squid facts


Squids are cephalopods belonging to the order Teuthoidea. They live in both coastal and oceanic waters. They can be found in all climatic zones. Outwardly, they look like aliens who have taken over our oceans. Some of them are well known and widely eaten by humans, while others have not been studied at all. There […]

Flamingos Facts

Greater flamingo

Pink flamingo, or common flamingo, (lat. Phoenicopterus roseus) is a species of bird from the Phoenicopteriformes order. The Greater flamingo is the most common type of flamingo. Flamingos cannot be confused with any other bird due to the structure of the body and the color of the plumage. These are rather large birds – height […]

Jerboas 50 essential facts

Desert jerboa

Jerboas are mammals that belong to the order of rodents, like mice or hares. They live in almost all latitudes, both in the steppes and in the arctic latitudes, and are often found in the desert.Jerboas are the only rodents that move only with their hind limbs. While running and walking, they are simultaneously repelled […]

Electric rays – Interesting facts

Lesser electric ray

The electric ray is fairly easy to distinguish from other underwater animals. Outwardly, these fish look like a disc, reaching 3 feet (50 cm to 1 meter) in diameter with a slight elongation in the form of a movable tail, decorated with a fin. On the sides of their rounded body are paired organs that […]

Spotted Hyenas – Predators Facts


Hyenas live throughout Africa, the Middle East and India. Although hyenas are known as scavengers, their species is one of the most skillful and accomplished carnivores. Spotted hyenas are the largest and most common in Africa. Their habitat is very diverse – deserts, shrubs, forests throughout sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of the extreme south […]

Common otter facts

european otter

The otter is a semi-aquatic predatory mammal from the Mustelidae family that has several varieties. Otters are a widespread species – the common otter that lives throughout Eurasia. Other otter species live in Africa, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. Otters are unique, cute and playful creatures with the characteristic appearance of animals that spend a […]

Giant panda – bamboo bear

Giant panda

The giant panda is a unique animal also called the bamboo bear. Today there is a possibility of complete extinction of this species of animals from the face of the earth, in connection with which they are included in the international list of rare animals. Bamboo bears are a symbol and national treasure of the […]

Sea jellyfish facts


Jellyfish are considered one of the most ancient creatures that have ever lived on the planet. They lived on Earth long before the advent of dinosaurs. Some species are completely harmless, while others can kill with one touch. According to research, the life of the first jellyfish originated on the planet more than 650 million […]

Ostriches – fast and large

The african ostrich

Ostriches are the largest birds in the world. The ostrich weighs on average 140-250 lb (63.5-131.5 kg) and is 6-9 feet (1.8-2.7 meters) tall. The ostrich is native to the African continent, however, despite this, it is one of the most famous birds in the world. The African ostrich became famous for its unusual appearance […]

Fearless Wolverine facts

Wolverine is a weasel predator. One of the largest in the family, along with the badger, sea otter and otter. In appearance, the wolverine is very similar to the brown bear, only of a smaller size. Wolverine is so brave that it attacks even an exhausted elk or reindeer, which are several times larger. Appearance […]